“We are building the support system we want for our loved ones”

Our Journey
Patient Solutions
Starting in oncology, Wellist builds precision resource matching platform to serve patients at over 550 hospitals.
COVID - 19
Covid disrupts Wellist’s patient business. Company expands to support essential healthcare workers in need.
HR Solutions
Wellist scales employer solutions to serve all employers with more than 2,500 employees.

The Wellist Story

Ashley Gilmore Reid founded Wellist after her best friend went into preterm labor 24 hours after her father passed from cancer.

The daughter of a cancer survivor, Reid originally built the business to help hospitals support their cancer patients. Over a six year period, Wellist expanded the resource matching platform to address the needs of all patient populations and the company grew to support over 550 hospitals from Alaska to Florida.

When COVID hit, Wellist augmented its patient programs to support struggling nurses and front-line workers. Today, the company leverages this proprietary resource matching platform to help employers get more value from their solution partners and optimize their benefits spend.

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Our Values

Wellist’s culture is built on the pillars of high-trust.


Our Team Shares "Why Wellist?"

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I love being a part of a small, smart, focused team where we are measuring our impact person by person. We help people help themselves or their loved ones by quickly finding programs — relevant to their exact needs — that are available through their employer benefits program but that would have taken hours to find or been lost completely in the small print. These are not statistics to us, but stories that matter and inspire us to do our best work. We’re dedicated to making a human difference, which to me is vastly more fulfilling than selling a few more widgets or helping an “influencer” increase their likes.
Jeremy Weathers
At Wellist, we're a dedicated and agile team driven by the company's mission: ensuring no one manages life’s challenges alone. I am personally drawn to the company because of this. Under our CEO's guidance, we leverage data and technology not just as tools, but as opportunities to transform how companies support their employees. My role allows me to go beyond traditional data science and AI; we thrive on collaboration, breaking down traditional silos to deliver impactful results. Together, we're committed to building a future where every company is empowered to ensure that no employee has to manage life’s challenges alone.
Shreya Amin
Data Science
I love being a part of an organization full of like-minded individuals who genuinely care about the work they are doing. We all are passionate about helping others and making a difference, and that creates a very special company culture.
Isabelle Mast