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We believe patients and families deserve an easier way.

As the leading provider of Integrated Patient Experience Solutions, Wellist has created a proprietary engagement platform that addresses the rapidly changing needs of a consumer-centric market.

core values

What we do and how we do it

We’re a team united by a driving passion to improve the lives of patients and families. We work tirelessly together to do the right thing for our clients, patients, and each other—and doing the right thing, it turns out, isn’t that easy. With equal parts grit, creativity, empathy, adaptability and just plain hard work, we strive to make the impossible possible: empowering all patients.

We’re passionate about serving our clients, patients and families and each other.

We set impossible goals. And achieve them.

  • We’re not just in, we’re all in
  • We respond to “it can’t be done” with creative solutions
  • We raise our hands – if we see something, we do something

We embrace the key principles of “Turn the Ship Around!”.

  • Clarity: achieve excellence, don’t just avoid errors
  • Competence: don’t brief, certify
  • Control: use “I intend to”, to take ownership and lead
working at wellist

Why we do what we do

“We all know someone who needed help managing life during an illness and they shouldn't have to go through it alone. We make sure they don’t.”

kathy | patient support

“What’s better than working with a great team, using modern tools, to build a product that directly helps people.”

bill | engineering

“As someone new to Boston, Wellist gave me a home in my new city.”

molly | operations

“Every day I work on crazy hard problems with crazy smart people. It doesn’t get more fun than that!”

nikki | client delivery
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