What’s Buried In Your Benefits?

Wellist is an omni-channel platform that connects employees with real-time, personalized whole-person support for everything they need.

Bet you’ve never seen personalization like this...

Why We Are Different

Unprecedented data and insights to optimize benefits spend.

Our resource matching platform generates real data on employee needs and preferences, helping HR leaders identify which benefits are driving value – and which are not.

Precision, clinically-driven personalization.

Built serving patients at leading health systems including Yale New Haven Health and HCA, Wellist’s resource matching platform tailors recommendations to specific medical needs.

Omni-channel access and
”micro-search” across vendor silos.

Wellist itemizes resources buried within point solutions to ensure employees can seamlessly connect to everything they need - by web, mobile, phone or email.

Integrated community resources for whole-person support.

Employers can augment their benefits investments with a custom directory of vetted local services for US employees to enhance support without adding cost.

We own the last mile of employee activation.

Wellist leverages real data on employee needs and workflows to customize communications tailored to specific employee populations, ensuring employees get connected.

A true commitment to partner delight.

At Wellist, trust, transparency, and unwavering support define our partnerships. We go the extra mile to make sure you and your colleagues have everything you need to thrive.

Our Solution

Precision Resource
Matching Platform
Activation Campaigns
Make It Simple

Precision Resource Matching Platform.

Stop making employees dig for support resources in each of your point solutions. They can privately request all the support they need and then Wellist will tailor the resource recommendations based on their unique demographics, location and clinical conditions.
NET IMPACT – Each employee accessed 4.5X more resources with Wellist.
Make It Engaging

Hyper-Targeted Activation Campaigns

We leverage employee-generated data to power our activation campaigns. Wellist’s strategic segmentation allows you to optimize employee outreach for key employee populations – whether affinity groups, colleagues managing life events or high-cost medical challenges, or even teams with high turnover.
NET IMPACT – 4X more employees connected to support.
Make It Matter

Employee-Generated Data

Wellist’s resource matching platform provides unprecedented visibility into employee needs and preferences. Our data will illuminate resource redundancies, underperforming benefits investments and unmet wellbeing challenges.
NET IMPACT – Actionable insights to improve wellbeing and reduce cost.