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Improve benefits engagement and decrease costs

value case

of employees report they may leave their organization due to work/life challenges 


of employees don't have a system to access all benefits


of employees don't understand the value of their company-provided benefits

$660K - $2M

in potential savings for every 100 employees due to turnover reduction 

Source: Harvard Business Review Analytics Services Survey, July 2019
10x engagement with benefits

This is PROACTIVE wellbeing


  • 34 years old
  • Top performing sales executive
  • First-time mom
  • Lives in East Boston, MA with her wife


Josefina gets introduced to Wellist via employee onboarding, email from the CHRO, and direct mail upon maternity leave.


Josefina visits co-branded consumer website clientcares.wellist.com seeking lactation support, meal delivery, and fitness.


Wellist connects Josefina to additional support including social worker specializing in postpartum care for Latina women.

She also gets connected to grocery delivery and transportation services with child seats.

Case Study

Our client's care teams were struggling and needed support. Backup childcare. Meal delivery. Emotional support. Surprisingly, only 4% of staff were taking advantage of their employer-sponsored benefits. And when staff got burnt out - they quit.

WellistCARES consumer navigation program was able to improve benefits engagement by 4x. Each employee connected to 4.5x more resources - including hyperlocal services tailored to their unique everyday needs. And HR leaders increased benefits ROI with employee-generated data to identify which benefits were driving value - and which were not.

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